Rethinking Peer Review: Critical Reflections on a Pedagogical Practice

  • Jul 19, 2023

Cover of Rethinking Peer Review, showing a group of students gathered abour a table to work on drafts togetherEdited by Phoebe Jackson and Christopher Weaver,Rethinking Peer Review: Critical Reflections on a Pedagogical Practiceinterrogates peer review, a foundational practice of writing instruction, from both practical and theoretical perspectives, provoking discussion and re-examination of this practice in light of changing demographics, new technologies, and changing goals and priorities among teachers and institutions.

Though long considered an essential element in writing and writing-intensive courses, peer review continues to provoke questions and provide challenges for instructors and students. By questioning and clarifying the goals of peer review, the contributors to this edited collection demonstrate how peer review can inform and enhance student writing and learning. In doing so, Rethinking Peer Review offers a roadmap for revitalizing this critical practice for the 21st century classroom.

This book, like other books published by the Clearinghouse, will be available in a print edition from University Press of Colorado in the coming months. Thanks to Phoebe and Chris for sharing it with us as an open-access publication. Thanks as well to the anonymous peer reviewers who contributed to its development.