WAC Repository

WAC Repository

TheWAC Repositoryoffers both a collection of peer-reviewed articles pertaining to WAC administration and pedagogy and a set of resources for the wider writing studies community that have been assembled through curation and crowdsourcing. TheRepositorypursues its mission of prompting cross-institutional conversations and making visible the work of WAC practitioners, administrators, and stakeholders by encouraging and supporting exchanges about implementing WAC principles and best practices in local contexts.

TheWAC Repositoryis a collaboration between the WAC Clearinghouse and theAssociation for Writing Across the Curriculum.

Featured Work

FAQ Icon
FAQs about Language and Linguistics in Writing
A new article by Laura Aull and Shawna Shapiro
Photo of Dartmouth Conference Attendees
Dartmouth '66 Exhibit
An exhibit about the Anglo-American Seminar in the Teaching of English held at Dartmouth College in 1966
TextGenEd Collection Cover
TextGenEd: Teaching with Text Generation Technologies
A collection editied by Tim Laquintano, Carly Schnitzler, and Annette Vee
Abstract Representation of Computer Technologies
AI Text Generators and Teaching Writing: Starting Points for Inquiry
A collection of resources and opportunities to engage and participate curated by Anna Mills


同行评议的文章,WAC admi有关nistration and pedagogy.


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