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Language and Learning Across the Disciplines

Welcome to the archives forLanguage and Learning Across the Disciplines(LLAD). The mission of this peer-reviewed, academic journal was to provide a forum for debates concerning interdisciplinarity, situated discourse communities, and writing across the curriculum programs.LLADwas published from 1994 to 2003. In January 2004,Language and Learning Across the Disciplinesmerged withAcademic.Writingto formAcross the Disciplines.

TheLLADarchives are available as complete issues and indivdiual articles. Information about theLLADeditorial staff, editorial review board, and submission guidelines for the journal can be found in the complete issues.


Volume 1, Number 1: January 1994

Volume 1, Number 2: October 1994

Volume 1, Number 3: August 1996

Volume 2, Number 1: April 1997

Volume 2, Number 2 - Special Issue on the History of WAC: September 1997

Volume 2, Number 3: April 1998

Volume 3, Number 1: October 1998

Volume 3, Number 2: Special Issue - Communications Across the Engineering Curriculum: July 1999

Volume 3, Number 3: January 2000

Volume 4, Number 1: May 2000

Volume 4, Number 2: August 2000

Volume 4, Number 3 - Special Issue on Service Learning: October 2000

Program Descriptions

Volume 5, Number 1 - Special Issue on WAC and Nursing: May 2001

Volume 5, Number 2: September 2001

Volume 5, Number 3 - Special Issue on WAC in International Contexts: February 2002


Volume 6, Number 2 - Special Issue on Poetry Across the Curriculum: June 2003

Volume 6, Number 3: August 2003

Leadership and Policies Articles

New Models for Classroom Practices

Language and Learning Across the Disciplines (LLAD)is Copyrighted © 1994-2003 by Illinois Institute of Technology. ISSN 1091-7098. Major funding forLLADwas provided by the Academic Resource Center of the Illinois Institute of Technology. The initial volumes of the journal were published by the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, and the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, with funding from the University of Illinois Center for Writing Studies. Since 2004,LLADhas been made available by the WAC Clearinghouse with permission.